All You Need To Know About Healthy Living For A ‘New Normal’: Part 2

“Only if you do your homework, you can succeed in anything” be it your career or your well-being. The same pertains to your life, since currently with the prevailing conditions; we all are expected to alter our day to day life activities in order to lead a stable and a revised living.

Read more to know how you can revolve your lifestyle around this supposed ‘new normal’ with Dr. Aditi Arun, a Homeopathic Physician and Nutritionist based in Delhi.

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1. How does diet and exercise help one to steer clear from risk of the virus?

Diet and exercise are the two most important components of healthy living which runs simultaneously and helps to build an individual’s immune response stronger so as to fight foreign microorganisms from attacking the human body. So, yes having a plant based diet or organic food diet and exercising regularly will help our body to maintain internal peace and harmony not just physically but also mentally.

There is a term calledNutritional Psychiatry’, and evidence shows that food can contribute to the development, prevention, and management of mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders. Although there is a lot to be explored on the same.

So yes, considering human as a whole, Mind And Body are meant to be in harmony together.

You become what you think. You are what you eat- Barbara Cartland

2. Does yoga help in building a strong immune system? What exercises would you suggest to people who have a busy schedule?

Yes, Yoga plays a crucial role in building a stronger immune response as it lowers stress hormones and strengthens the nervous system while also stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins from our body and supplying oxygenated blood to various organs. It calms the mind and can also contribute to deeper, regulated sleep, which is crucial for overall wellness.

Yoga Exercise suggested would be-

  • Child pose

  • Bridge pose

  • Cobra pose

  • Bow pose

  • Plow pose

(You can easily find tutorials for these poses on YouTube)

3. How have homeopathic medicines have gained centre stage and benefitted coronavirus patients?

After watching a good number of COVID19 cases and interactions with medical experts or health scientists, results displayed by doctors who are rigorously treating COVID19 patients since the spread, we concluded that COVID19 is a combination of physical and mental symptoms.

However, corona positive patients are presenting more mental symptoms than the physical. Homoeopathy has only answer to it as this system of medicine truly emphasis on mental wellbeing of an individual along with physical ailments because we consider that these two are not separated from each other if we talk in terms of holistic spectrum of health.

Actually Coronavirus causing the disease has very less death rate but as it was new to society and turned into a pandemic within such a short span, it has created more panic and anxiety amongst the masses. Consequently, without basic knowledge and lack of proper understanding we are losing so many lives daily.

4. With the current situation, who do you think we should follow as a role model for healthy living?

Looking back to our roots or origins, way back in the era of our grandparents or great grandparents, there was no such advancement or technology in health sector research about their way of living. Still how beautifully have they managed to live strong and healthy for 100’s of years with no or very less disease affections and definitely zero complications?

All this reflects that they stayed connected to nature, rooted to staying as natural as they can be. Practicing fasting, even though, mythologically approved but still detoxified themselves time to time, walking miles to stay physically fit, eating non-adulterated and purest forms of food contributes to their healthy being.

And yes, I agree that now times have changed, modernization and technology is so fast driven we cannot live that way. Our professional life or mode of living is not the same anymore. But still we can inculcate certain habits in our lifestyle to maintain our health in harmony like doing physical exercise minimum 3 times in week, walking for at least 50 minutes daily, switching to plant based food or organic foods, drinking water from copper bottles instead of plastic ones and detoxifying our body once in a week by practicing intermittent fasting. Doing meditation 20 minutes daily to relieve stress and anxiety and most importantly spending quality time with your family and loves ones. This way I am very sure these small changes will show drastic results in every ones health in upcoming future. We are all in this together. This too shall pass.

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