India and the Worst-Case Scenario of Hygiene and Sanitation:

With a population of 135.26 crores India is the second populated country next to china, the only difference between them and us is Self-hygiene and discipline. In this gigantic country, it is estimated that 88% of the households have mobile phones but 732 million people in India do not have access to toilets and clean sanitation. Sanitation isn’t the basic quality but also the best quality every citizen of the country should possess. This is one of the long-lasting issues which has not been handled well in the last 70+ years.

The harmful effects over time have serious environmental and health hazards, starting from littering in public to clogging the drainage with plastic waste one way or the around we are the ones who are going to be affected. Every year many children and less immune people die due to diseases caused by improper hygiene, each year around 60,000 children under five years die from diarrhea diseases (Said the report by Water Aid report). This is just a drop that gives a taste of a bowl full of rotten soup that we live in.

For women, high risk of illiteracy, harassment. Apart from poor health, lack of toilets means that more than 1.1 billion women and girls globally get limited education and face harassment. In rural India, high dropout rates and non-enrollment among girls can be attributed to the absence of toilet facilities.

It starts from us, we are the reason behind this toxic mess, we are the solution to this. This improper hygiene isn’t an issue around the county then why can’t it be the same all around? For instance, Kerala has the highest percentage of households with improved sanitation (98.1) whereas in Bihar only 25% of the households used proper sanitation. With this pandemic on one hand, it has given us a good lesson on self-hygiene and we should start from here and should make a difference in our lives.

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