The New Normal 2020: Pun is the New Fun

“So many coronavirus jokes out there, it’s a pundemic"

Yes, we get it. What could possibly be funny about a global pandemic that has altered the very fabric of our existence, in one fell swoop shutting down everything we hold dear, from sports to movies to music to the very notion of human interaction? How could anyone possibly write jokes at a time like this?

But in times of crisis, when we are frightened and don’t know what’s going on, we’ve historically turned to comedy. Comedy, as frivolous and inessential as it may seem, is humanity’s free coping mechanism, a medium that both distracts us from the horrors of the world while allowing us to get our best and worst thoughts out of our heads and off of our chests.

Here are the best puns (so far) inspired by the Coronavirus:

  • My mom always told me I wouldn’t accomplish anything by lying in bed all day. But look at me now, ma! I’m saving the world!

  • Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined myself entering a bank, wearing a mask, and asking for money.

  • If you see me leave a WhatsApp group, please add me again. It's just that I’m so desperate to go out!

  • Lockdown seems like a Netflix series: just when you think it's over, they release the next season...

  • Nothing like relaxing on the couch after a long day of being tense on the couch.

  • I’m starting to like this mask thing. I went to the supermarket yesterday and two people that I owe money to didn’t recognize me...

  • Never thought my hands would one day consume more alcohol than my liver...ever!

  • Why do they call it the novel coronavirus? It’s a long story…

  • Those complaining 2020 didn’t have enough holidays, what now?!

  • I need to social distance myself from my fridge!

  • I’m not planning on adding 2020 to my age. I didn’t even use it!

  • What should you do if you don’t understand a coronavirus joke? Be patient.

  • We want to publicly apologize to the year 2019 for all the bad things we said about it...

  • I finished Netflix today.

  • Don't worry, the coronavirus won't last long - it's made in China...

(We all doubt the last one!)

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