The Secret To Make Children Eat Healthy: A Doctor’s Guide

No matter how much you consistently try to slip in nutritious food into your child’s everyday diet, you somehow fail to pull off the desired target. The struggle is real! This piece of writing will help out by being your guide in making that target a reality.

Dr. Aditi Arun, a Homeopathic Physician and Nutritionist based in Delhi, reveals effective strategies and tricks to make children eat healthy.

“As we know children belong to the fragile age group, and need some encouragement to eat a healthy and varied diet. We can experiment a lot with nutritive diet in this age group as they are always open to new things. They mostly adapt what they see around them, what they hear on daily basis.

So, as a parent it is very important to inculcate the same values within ourselves first rather than only enforcing it to our children. There are various innovative ways and tricks to make your child eat healthy like rewarding them with a star or sticker every time they finish their meal or try new one. Such as -

  • Take their appetite into consideration.

  • Serve them with small portions from time to time.

  • Keep serving them healthy choices until they become familiar or preferred with it.

  • Modify their food with different colours, shape or texture like cutting fruits and vegetables with a cookie cutter of any shape.

  • Plating healthy food in their favourite plate or bowl.

  • Serving them veggies or fruit salad with their favourite dip or sauce.

  • Creating a rainbow in their plate.

  • You can simply grate carrot or any vegetable and make a stuffed paratha for them.

  • You can mash them and mix it with their favourite food items.

  • Teaching them benefits of green leafy vegetables by playing some sort of activity can also be helpful.

Well children need variety of nutrients on regular basis as they are in their growing phase. They require body building foods, energy giving foods and protective foods altogether. So, they require vitamins, anti-oxidant rich foods, fibrous diet to protect themselves against diseases that occur later in life like strokes, cardiac diseases etc.

Maximum intake of fresh seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy products all these items should be included in their meal plans. Moreover, you can also take them with you for vegetable as well as fruit shopping and let them select a few for themselves. Avoid distractions while they are eating like turning off TV and mobiles.

But at last remember that your child's eating habits won't likely change overnight — but the small steps you take each day can help promote a lifetime of healthy eating.” Follow @kalyabyaditi on Instagram for more information on overall lifestyle and well-being.

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